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Accessories for MFK1-FA & MFK1-A Kappabridges

Magnetic Susceptibility/Anisotropy Systems
Manufactured in the Czech Republic by AGICO s.r.o.



The 3D-Rotator was developed by AGICO company to increase the speed and comfort of anisotropy of magnetic susceptibility (AMS) measurements. The 3D-Rotator rotates the specimen simultaneously about two axes with different velocities.

The 2-axis rotation enables to determine 320 directional susceptibilities during a single anisotropy measurement. These directions are very well distributed on a sphere which makes the measuring design almost rotatable. Calculation of the anisotropy tensor and respective error analysis is based on the principles described by Jelinek (1977).

The 3D-Rotator is compatible with AGICO Kappabridge spinner versions MFK1-FA, KLY5-A and MFK1-A. It cannot be used with static versions nor older KLY3 and KLY4 series Kappabridges.





CS-4 Furnace Apparatus

The instrument measures the temperature variation of magnetic susceptibility at temperatures ranging from room temperature up to 700 degrees Centigrade, in cooperation with the MFK1-FA, KLY5-A and MFK1-A Kappabridges. The apparatus comprises a non-magnetic furnace and an electronic control unit. The specimen, about 0.25 cm3 in volume, is heated electrically by a platinum element and the temperature is measured by a special platinum temperature sensor. The quasi-continuous measurement process is fully automated, being controlled by a personal computer. The curve of temperature variation against susceptibility consists of between 500 to 700 points. In weakly magnetic specimens the curve can be resolved into a paramagnetic hyperbola and complex "ferro"magnetic response curve.



CS-L Low Temperature Cryostat Apparatus

This device measures temperature variation of magnetic susceptibility at low temperatures ranging from liquid nitrogen temperature to room temperature in cooperation with the MFK1-FA, KLY5-A, MFK1-A, KLY-4S or KLY-3S Spinner Kappabridge and CS-3 Furnace Apparatus.



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