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Grad-13 Digital Three-Axis Gradiometer

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Grad-13 Digital Three-Axis Gradiometer

The Grad-13 is a versatile magnetic field gradiometer for high resolution vector measurements in land or in water.

Three versions are available: L (land), S (submersible to 200m) and D (submersible to 5000m). Each comprises two three-axis magnetic field sensors on a baseline of 500mm, 750mm or 1000mm, with measuring ranges of 60, 100, 250, 500 and 1000T.

An integrated accelerometer enables accurate positioning and an internal temperature sensor can provide data for compensation.  Both gradient and individual sensor outputs can be recorded.  

Non-Magnetic Cart is available to carry the sensors.  The carbon fiber framework can be assemble in minutes and can carry up to 12 sensors.  With a robust suspension, it is lightweight and can be configured to be pushed by hand or towed behind a vehicle.


Typical applications: Archaeological prospecting Pipe and cable location Detection of buried UXO or other magnetic anomalies by surface or downhole surveys



Please contact John Toth at ASC Scientific for a current US Dollar Price List.


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