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KT-10 v2 Magnetic Susceptibility Meters

KT-10 v2 Datasheet



Available Models:

  • KT-10 v2  -  magnetic susceptibility, circular sensor

  • KT-10R v2  -  magnetic susceptibility, rectangular sensor


The KT-10 and KT10R v2 are portable, handheld meters for conducting high-sensitivity measurements of magnetic susceptibility.  These instruments are the ideal tool for field and core repository susceptibility measurements.

The KT-10 v2 instruments allow users to input depth correlation information, receive measurement results in either SI or CGS Units and feature large internal memories. Additional benefits such as high sensitivity, Bluetooth communication and a data management/visualization software for the PC are standard in both configurations. They can also be upgraded to the following models:

  • KT-10 v2 Plus - with extended range to 10 SI units for direct measurement of iron ores
  • KT-10 S/C - for simultaneous measurement of magnetic susceptibility & conductivity

KT-10 v2 Datasheet





1x10-6 SI Units

Measurement range:

0.001x10-3 to 1999.99 x10-3 SI Units Auto-Ranging

Operating frequency:

10 kHz

Measurement frequency:

20 times per second ( in Scan mode, 5 readings averaged together and

4 readings /second stored


High Contrast LCD Graphic Display with 104 x 88 pixels


4 GB: 4,000 Total Records Stored *
* 4,000 scanner measurements with up to 480 data points per record (total of 1,920,000 individual data points).


* 4,000 discrete measurements with 120 seconds of voice notes per reading.

Discrete and scanner records can be combined.


1 button with up / down function

Data Input/Output:

USB, Bluetooth with GPS link via Bluetooth

Power Supply:

2 AA Alkaline Batteries or 2 optional AA Rechargeable Batteries

Battery life:

Up to 4000 readings without voice recorder

Operating temperature:

-20 C to 60 C


200mm x 57mm X 30mm

Coil Dimensions: **

Circular Coil : Diameter 65 mm

Rectangular Coil: Length 65 mm - Width 32 mm


0.33 kg with 2 AA alkaline batteries installed

GeoView Software

Supports all Windows 32 or 64 bit operating systems



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