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MFK2 Multi-Frequency Kappabridges

Magnetic Susceptibility/Anisotropy Systems
Manufactured in the Czech Republic by AGICO s.r.o.


Three Frequency Kappabridges for Measurements of Magnetic Susceptibility
  • Anisotropy
  • Frequency Variations
  • Field Variations
  • Temperature Variations


Main Features

High sensitivity 2 x 10-8 (SI)

Fully automatic zeroing system

Three operating frequencies

Field variations of magnetic susceptibility

Rapid AMS measuring (MFK2-FA)


Built-in circuitry for controlling optional CS4 Furnace and CS-L Cryostat

Advanced diagnostics

Sophisticated software support

Optionally 3D rotator (MFK2-FA)




General Description

MFK2 series of Kappabridges are the updated versions of the advanced Multifunction Kappabridges MFK1. These are the world's most sensitive commercially available laboratory instruments for measuring anisotropy of magnetic susceptibility (AMS) and bulk magnetic susceptibility in weak variable magnetic fields (field range from 2 A/m to 700 A/m, peak values). Besides the in-phase bulk susceptibility, relative changes of the phase angle can be measured. The MFK2-FA and MFK2-FB models are capable to measure, besides at the basic frequency of 976 Hz, also at two additional frequencies of 3904 Hz and 15616 Hz.

Updated electronic circuits, redesigned measuring coils and enhanced firmware and software bring better reproducibility of the results, improved mesurements of the field and frequency variations of magnetic susceptibility and refinement of the relative changes of the out-of-phase component of magnetic susceptibility measurements.

Spinning specimen method uses 3D rotator or classic rotator for easy, rapid and precise AMS measurements. Automatic routines for investigation field variations of AMS as well as bulk susceptibility are incorporated for better user comfort. Optional attachment CS4 and CS-L enables measurements of temperature variation of bulk susceptibility from -192C up to 700C.



Three frequency Kappabridge fully equipped with special Up/Down mechanism and rotator for spinning specimen method of AMS measurements. Automatic measurements of field variations of bulk susceptibility. Full support of CS4 and CS-L apparatuses is present as well.


Basic version of three frequency Kappabridge for manual measurements of AMS, bulk susceptibility and field variations of magnetic susceptibility without Up/Down mechanism, rotator and CS4 or CS-L support. To faciliate AMS measurements magnetic susceptibility must be manually measured in 15 different orientations. Can be upgraded to MFK2-FA version, but such upgrade has to be done in AGICO facility.


Data acquisition software Safyr controls all particular functions of the Kappabridges, calculate results of individual measurements as well as advanced statistics on measured data. Standard visualisation of the results is also incorporated. For more in-depth analysis of AMS AGICO provides Anisoft - advanced software for processing of AMS datasets.



For Spinner Operation

For Static Operation

Cylinder: 25.4 mm diameter; 22 mm length
Cube: 20 x 20 x 20 mm
Cylinder: 25.4 mm diameter; 22 mm length
Cube: 20 mm on edge or 23 mm on edge
ODP type Boxes 26 x 25 x 19.5 mm
Fragments: up to 40 cc for bulk susceptibility


Operating Frequency: 976 Hz, 3904 Hz, 15616 Hz
Specimen spinning frequency: 0.4 Hz
Field Intensity Ranges (peak values): 2 - 700 A/m @  976 Hz
2 - 350 A/m @ 3904 Hz
2 - 200 A/m @ 15616 Hz
Field Homogeneity at 976 Hz: 0.5%
Measuring Range (Automatic): up to 0.5 (SI) at 976 Hz
at 976 Hz, 400 A/m peak
at 3904 Hz, 200 A/m peak
at 15616 Hz, 200 A/m peak

2 x 10-8 (SI)
6 x 10-8 (SI)
12 x 10-8 (SI)
Accuracy within one range: 0.1%
Absolute accuracy calibration: 3%
Pick-up coil inner diameter: 43 mm
Power: 100-240 V; 50/60 Hz, 40VA


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