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ASC Sediment Pore Water Extraction System
Model SQ-600

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Demonstration Video



The ASC Model SQ-600 Sediment Pore Water Extraction System is designed for high-pressure extraction of pore water from marine and lacustrine sediments. The extraction system is placed in a hydraulic press and is used to squeeze a small volume of wet sediment allowing the pore fluid to be drawn off into a syringe for subsequent chemical analysis. The unit is constructed so that the only metallic surfaces in contact with sample are titanium. The base of the squeezing chamber incorporates a titanium screen which supports a filter paper through which the pore water passes before collection in a syringe.


  • Heavy wall seamless titanium squeezing chamber
  • 416 alloy stainless steel piston
  • Teflon & neoprene seals
  • Sediment sample volume up to 600 cc
  • pore water exit hole is tapered (Luer taper) to fit standard plastic syringes
  • Spare neoprene disk and titanium screen provided with each unit





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