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   Universal Laser Sensor (ULS)

Laser sensor measuring levels, proximity, detection, etc.

A fully programmable laser sensor capable of rapid pulse rates

The Universal Laser Sensor (ULS) is a fully programmable pulsed-laser sensor that gives you the ability to obtain accurate measurements in the most challenging conditions. Adjusting the sensor's range within a predetermined distance for presence detection, averaging the number of individual measurements for increased accuracy, and modifying how often you want data values generated are just some of the many parameters you can control.

The interface allows you to easily set specific operating parameters within the ULS and control the sensor's operation. Setting a short or long gate will program the laser to take measurements within a certain distance or beyond a designated point.

There is also a laser power level adjustment that controls the distance measuring capability of the sensor. Use a high level for attaining maximum range in clear conditions, and use a low level for shooting through airborne particulates. The ULS can be sold as a stand-alone unit with a rugged, aluminum housing with a flange for easy mounting. It also can be sold as an O.E.M. product with all the necessary components, ideal for system integrators. 



  • Easily identifies difficult targets such as liquids, non-reflective material and fast moving objects.
  • Makes non-contact and non-instrusive measurements without the need for frequent calibration.
  • Recognizes small targets at long distances, within narrow openings and from sharp angles.
  • Performs under temperature variations, background noise, vapor pressure and low dielectric or acoustically absorbing materials.



Measurement Laser:
Eye Safety:
Beam Divergence:
905 nm (Infrared)
Class I, 7 mm (FDA, CFR21) Class Im (IEC 60825-1:2001)
3 mrad (= 1.0 ft beam diameter @ 328 ft target distance or 30 cm @ 100 m)
Reflective / non-refllective target (+/-):
0.4" / 0.8" (1 cm / 2 cm)
Max reflective / max non-reflective target:
1.5 ft (46 cm)
5577 ft / 1640 ft (1700 m / 500 m)
0.01 ft (1mm)
RS232 Serial Baud Rate:

RS485 Serial Baud Rate:
Data I/O and input power (4 pin Turck #PSW 4M-*/S90 Picofast cable provided)

1200 to 115200 (up to 1000 readings/second)
Data I/O, input power, 4-20 mA analog configurable to measurement scale
(12 pin Turck #RKC-*12T-*/S618 Eurofast cable provided with OEM model)

1200 to 230400 (up to 2000 readings/second)
Absolute min/max:
10 30 VDC
170 mA
Dimensions (L x W x H):
Mounting (4 hole pattern):
5.3" x 4.7" x 2.5" (13.5 cm x 12 cm x 6.3 cm)
1.76 lb (800 g)
Anodized 6063 Aluminum
75 mm spacing front/back and 110 mm spacing side/side
IP56, NEMA 4
-22 F to +140 F (-30 C to +60 C)
User Alignment (alignment laser):
1.5 X scope optional
650 nm (visible red), Class IIm (FDA, CFR21) eye safe

NOTE: All specifications are subject to change without notice.


Please contact John Toth for additional information and pricing at Tel. 760-431-0503 or


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