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Portable Rock Core Drills
& Core Orienting Fixtures


Pomeroy EZ Core Drill
Model D261-C

The Pomeroy Model D261-C gasoline powered drill is designed for paleomagnetic, geochemical and other sampling. This drill is lightweight, reliable and features a unique bit fastening system that holds bare-shank bits (without collets) straight and true without the use of tools. 

The D261-C utilizes a powerful 50 cc motor and weighs just 13 lbs  and features  omni-directional fuel pick-up for running at any angle.

The front end drilling adapter features heavy duty sealed bearings and the exclusive easy operating bit fastener. The fastener will accommodate bits with a tube diameter from 1.080" to 1.125". The adapter is anodized high-tensile aluminum alloy.  A quick- release hose fitting and needle valve are mounted on the bearing case for rapid attachment and control of the water cooling line.



Additional Components Include:

Model M-12 3-gallon manually pressurized water pump can. It includes an 8 ft. hose and one 10 ft. extension fitted with quick-release connectors.

Model BSS-1E Diamond Core Drill Bits (shown below)

Model CCT-200 Hard Shell Case which can hold  Drill, Pump Can, Drill Bits, Orienter and Brunton Compass


CCT-200 Case with Drill, Pump Can & Bits

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Model D261-C  Core Drill
Model M-12 Pump Can, 3 gal
Model CCT-200 Hard Shell Case for Drill & Pump Can

Diamond Drill Bits
for use with Pomeroy EZ Drill Models D261-C, D026-C & D-2801

Pomeroy BSS-1E Drill Bit

Heavy duty diamond drill bit with stainless steel shanks for use with the D261-C drill.  They are 1" I.D., 1 1/8" O.D. and 8" long and they drill cores that are compatible which fit most paleomagnetic orienting devices, including those sold by ASC.  

U.S. Domestic Prices

Model BSS-1E Diamond Bit.......................$  174.00

Hoffman Drill Bits

High performance, but economically priced diamond drill bits. Available without collet for use with the Pomeroy D026-C drill.  Bits have a 1" ID, 1 1/8" OD, are 8" long and are compatible with orientation devices sold by ASC.

U.S. Domestic Prices

Model HDP-8 Steel Shank, no Collet................$  115.00
Model HDP-8SS S.S. Shank, no Collet...............$  130.00



Pomeroy Orienting Fixture

This precision orienting fixture is used to measure the azimuth and dip of in-place cores drilled with 1 1/8" core drill bits (1" core ID). It features an anodized aluminum tube and orienting platform which is adjustable using a tripod-style clamping handle. A small cylindrical wedge is included, which can be fitted onto the tube (as shown near the bottom of the photo) and used to lock the orienter in place over the in-place core while measurements are being made.  The platform is machined to accommodate a clear plastic sun compass (included) or, with sun compass removed, a Brunton pocket transit for magnetic azimuth measurements. (Orienter will accommodate only the aluminum-case Brunton models.  The plastic/composit Compro Brunton models cannot be used.)  Once the platform is leveled using a Brunton compass, sun and/or magnetic azimuths can be measured, and core dip angle can be measured using the fixture's vertically mounted protractor.

U.S. Domestic Price

Model OR-2 Pomeroy Orienting Fixture..............$  895.00


ASC Orienting Fixture

This simple, rugged fixture is designed for rapid orientation of in-place 1" (nominal) cores using a Brunton pocket transit. The copper tube has a slot for marking the top of the in-place core. The brass orienting platform is machined to accept a Brunton compass for making azimuth measurements. Dip measurements are made using the Brunton placed on the portion of the tube extending out from the outcrop.  (Orienter will accommodate only the aluminum-case Brunton models.  The plastic/composit Compro Brunton models cannot be used.)

U.S. Domestic Price

Model OD1-000  ASC Core Orienting Fixture.........$  212.00


Electric Core Drill Model DE-T3

The Pomeroy Electric Core Drill makes drilling of small diameter cores extremely fast and easy in locations where the use of a gasoline-powered drill is not possible.  Because battery life is limited, however, this drill is meant for special circumstances and is not a replacement for a gasoline drill.

The DE-T3 is based on a Makita high-powered 18 volt Lithium cordless drill which features a long-life, efficient brushless motor and powerful 5Ah batteries.  The miniature water swivel, which enables drilling with diamond core bits, is an integral part of the drill and provides the best drilling solution available. It ships complete with drill, 2 Lithium-Ion batteries, charger, wrenches and carrying case. The range of diameters for drill bits is 3/8" ID to 1" ID. 


Drilling requires water coolant, which can be provided by the available M-12 water pump can.

Battery charger for DE-T3 drill has a US plug and operates with 110VAC only.  For use in Europe/Asia a small 500 watt, 220V/110V step down transformer can be supplied at extra cost.  Please contact ASC Scientific for additional information.



U.S. Domestic Prices

Model DE-T3 Electric Core Drill...................................$  829.00

M-12      3-Gallon (water coolant) Pump Can.......................$  169.00

BSS-.375  Core Bit with 3/8" ID...................................$  150.00
BSS-.500  Core Bit with 1/2" ID...................................$  150.00
BSS-.625  Core Bit with 5/8" ID...................................$  165.00
BSS-.750  Core Bit with 3/4" ID...................................$  175.00
BSS-1E-T3 Core Bit with 1" ID.....................................$  204.00

Model D261-GT10
Gear-Reduced Core Drill

For Geological Sampling


  • Lightweight, Reliable & Easy to Operate
  • Suitable for Drill Bits up to 4" OD
  • Powerful 50cc 2-cycle Motor
  • Gear-Reduced Drive
  • Omin-Directional Fuel Pick-up for running at any angle



D261-GT10 Drill with 2" Bit and Pump Can

Pomeroy Model D261-GT10 gasoline powered drill for geological sampling, Fire Departments, Search & Rescue and other specialized operations is lightweight, reliable and easy to operate.  It utilizes a new, powerful 50 cc motor and weighs just 15 lbs. and features  omni-directional fuel pick-up for running at any angle.

The integral gear reduced drive makes this drill suitable for fast drilling with diamond bits up to 4" outer diameter.  Drill bit connection to the drill drive shaft is 1 1/4"-7 thread

A three gallon (M-12) manually pressurized water pump can is available. It includes an 8 ft. hose and one 10 ft. extension fitted with quick-release connectors.

The drill includes a 1 3/4" steel service  wrench, but this can be upgraded, at additional cost, to a long-handled 1 3/4"  aluminum wrench for ease of use.  These wrenches are necessary to hold the drive shaft steady for breaking loose and removing drill bits. 

The bits have diamond crowns with 1/8" wide kerf.   Internal diameters of bits are therefore 1/4" less than listed O.D.'s.

Bits have an overall length of 17" and a cutting depth of 14".


Request Current Price list

D261-GT10    Gear Reduced Core Drill
BS-2PRO      2" O.D. Diamond Drill Bit
BS-2-1/2PRO  2 1/2" O.D. Diamond Drill Bit
BS-3PRO      3" O.D. Diamond Drill Bit
BS-4PRO      4" O.D. Diamond Drill Bit
W-1.75       Aluminum 1-3/4" Open End Wrench (upgrade)
M-12 	     Pump Can, 3 Gallon
CCT-210      Hard Shell Plastic Case for Drill and M-12


Other sizes of bits are available in 1/4" increments.


Water Swivel and Drill Bits
for laboratory sampling using a drill press


Pomeroy Drill Press Adapter (Water Swivel) & Drill Bits

The Pomeroy Water Swivel features a 1/2" diameter shaft, for insertion into a minimum 1/2" chuck.  It has a side water inlet with valve and 5/8"-11 threaded shaft for connection to model BSS1B-T5 bits  (or other diameter bits which are also available - please contact ASC).  Both quick-connect and garden hose (shown)  water connectors are supplied. 

U.S. Domestic Prices

SW-5            Pomeroy Drill Press Adapter . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $329.00
BSS-1E-T5    Diamond Core Bit, 1" ID . . . . . . . . .... . . . . . . . . $204.00
stainless steel tube, with threaded nut for connection to SW-5



Pomeroy Model SW-3 Miniature Water Swivel

Similar in design to the SW-5 Drill Press Adaptor, the SW-3 is smaller in size and can be used with your own portable drill.  It has 3/8"-16 threaded shaft for connection to BSS-T3 bits, shown above with the DE-T3 Electric Core Drill.  Both quick-connect (shown) and garden hose water connectors are supplied.

U.S. Domestic Prices

SW-3            Pomeroy Miniature Drill Press Adapter . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $329.00



Hoffman GWS-35 Water Swivel

Hoffman Bit with Collet

Hoffman Water Swivels & Drill Bits

The Hoffman Water Swivels are used to hold and water-cool bits during drilling with a drill press.  They are available with a variety of shank sizes to fit most drill presses and have a 1"-14 NF thread for attachment to the Hoffman core drills.  The coolant head features a pressure sealed ball bearing swivel, precision machined spindle and aluminum body.  They also include a standard water hose connection and pet cock for connection to a water source.

Hoffman diamond drill bits are available without collet, for use with the D026-C drill above, or with threaded collet for use with the Hoffman Water Swivels.  Bits have a 1.00" internal diameter and .062" wall thickness (1.125" O.D.). Hoffman-style collet has a 1"-14 NF thread. Bits priced below are 8" long.  Other diameters and lengths are available - contact ASC for a quotation.

U.S. Domestic Prices

Model HDP-8 Steel Shank, no Collet......................$  115.00
Model HDP-8SS S.S. Shank, no Collet.....................$  130.00
Model HDP-8C-H Steel Shank, w/Hoffman Collet............$  125.00
Model HDP-8SSC-H S.S. Shank, w/Hoffman Collet...........$  140.00

GWS-35 Water Swivel, 1/2" Shank.........................$  312.00
GWS-36 Water Swivel, 5/8" Shank.........................$  567.00
GWS-2A Water Swivel, #2 Morse Taper.....................$  312.00


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