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BRUNTON Geo Transit


The new Brunton Geo Transit combines the best features of the Brunton pocket transit and a geological stratum compass, the two most popular geological compasses in the world.  The result is an extremely rugged, professional instrument that can measure bedding strike and dip in one operation, as well as perform all of the functions of a pocket transit.  This compass is built so ruggedly that Brunton includes a free LIFETIME WARRANTY with all Geo Transits.

Available in 0-360 deg. or 90 deg. quadrant graduation.



Cast aluminum body
Two inclinometers
Pocket transit-type vernier inclinometer
Stratum-type inclinometer on lid hinge (2 deg. increments for 1 deg. resolution)
Two levels
Bulls-eye level inside compass
Spirit level on side of case
Induction-damped needle
Needle-arrest lever
Flat base with no protruding ring
Slots for mounting with ball & socket head to a tripod

U.S. Domestic Price

BR-GEO5010   Geo Transit, 0-360 deg..............$559.99
BR-GEO5009   Geo Transit, 90 deg Quads......$559.99


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