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Impulse Laser Rangefinders



Professional Laser Rangefinder for:
Distance and Height Measurement
GPS Offset Mapping & GIS Data Capture (Interfaces directly with Trimble Pro XR GPS, through its built-in RS232 interface)
Mine Face and Rock Outcrop Profiling
Timber Cruising
Space Planning

The IMPULSE is a light-weight, low cost laser for a full range of professional measuring. The Impulse puts the power and speed of a laser rangefinder and optional tilt sensor into the palm of your hand. Simply aim and push a button. The Impulse acquires distance or height in less than a second, all without prisms or reflective targets.  The addition of the MapStar Compass Module to the Impulse enables highly accurate offset mapping. 

Now it's not only economically possible for you to get the fastest laser-sharp measurements ever, it's also convenient. Reduced size and weight make it possible for field workers to operate the Impulse with one hand and simply clip it onto a belt for quick-access carrying. 

The Impulse's point-and-shoot operation and serial output communication combine to simplify a number of surveying and mapping tasks. These include: timber cruising, mine face profiling, GIS data capture, GPS offset mapping, material estimating for job bids, space planning, and general distance and height measurement. 

The serial port outputs data directly to available mapping software or the Trimble Pro XR GPS system. 


Rugged, waterproof, one-piece aluminum housing built for every working environment
6 digit backlit LCD display provides readability for day and night operation
Audio and visual indicators assure confidence of positive target acquisition
Accomplish a variety of tasks with on-board solutions for height, horizontal distance, vertical distance, percent slope and grads
Determine traverse lengths or perimeters with the internal cumulative distance capability
The range difference mode applies constant offsets to your measurements or determines the distance between two in-line objects
When necessary, use range gating to ensure target readings are only within your specified work area 
RS232 serial output gives you the option to store data externally; data is transferred either automatically or by a manual key press
Built-in electronic filter sees through brush to discriminate reflective targets 

Impulse Specifications

Dimensions 15.2 x 6.4 x 12.7 cm (6 x 2.5 x 5 in)
Weight 1 kg (2.2 lb)
Maximum Range 575 m (Impulse & Impulse LR)
2,200 m (Impulse XL)
Accuracy 3 - 5 cm typical (Impulse & Impulse LR)
1 - 2 m (Impulse XL)
Inclinometer Range 90 degrees
Inclinometer Accuracy 0.1 deg. typical
Power Supply 2 AA batteries providing up to 20 hours of use
Eye Safety FDA Class 1 (CFR 21)
Environment Waterproof to IP 67 and NEMA 6


Link to:  Comparison of Available Models and Prices


Accessories & Support Packages

A variety of accessories and support packages are available for using the Impulse Laser Rangefinder and MapStar Compass with a monopod/bipod/tripod, with the Trimble Pro XR for GPS data capture, or with an HP48 data collector.  Please contact John Toth at or telephone (800) 272-4327 for additional information.

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