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Bushnell Yardage 1000

Laser Rangefinder

ypro500.jpg (4150 bytes) Using advanced laser technology, the Bushnell Yardage Pro instantly measures distances to non-reflective targets of up to 1000 yards.  Maximum range to highly reflective targets is 1,500 yards.  Distances can be displayed in yards or meters and are accurate to within 1 yard/meter. The unit is as simple to use as aiming through the 6x monocular, pressing a button, and reading the distance superimposed over the field of view. (Also displayed are target quality and battery condition.)

Four targeting modes are available; 1) to highly reflective targets such as reflective tape or prisms, 2) to low reflective targets such as trees, buildings and people, 3) through interference from precipitation, and 4) through interference such as foliage to distant objects.

This rugged unit is water and shock resistant, lightweight, compact and rubber armored for durability. Other features include through-the-lens liquid crystal display, automatic shut-off, and invisible safe Class 1 laser electronics.

Powered by one 9V battery, not supplied.


U.S. Domestic Prices

20-1000 YARDAGE PRO 1000........................$395.00

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