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Little Beaver Earth Drills

Little Beaver Earth Drills are the ideal tools for easy drilling of small or large holes for soil sampling, groundwater monitoring, percolation testing, installation of geophysical sensors and many other applications. These one-man and two-man portable units are easily transported for use in any field location or difficult, limited access drilling site. Augers range from 1 1/2" to 16" in diameter.

Drilling units are available with hydraulic or mechanical power, and a variety of gasoline engine power sources. Each unit consists of a wheel-mounted power source, mechanical or hydraulic linkage to the drill handle, one or two-man drill handle with hydraulic motor or mechanical gear reducer, and patented torque tube connection between the power source and drill handle. Snap-on drilling augers and extensions are purchased separately.

The Little Beaver's unique torque tube is a telescoping tube attached between the engine and transmission, placing all of the counter torque from the auger on the engine package, and none on the operator. The result is easy drilling with no kickback felt by the operator. This important safety feature sets the Little Beaver apart from all other earth drills on the market.

Hydraulic Earth Drill

The hydraulic earth drill is the most powerful and easy operating of the Little Beavers. Its simple operation requires no clutch, transmission or long flexible shaft. An 11 HP gasoline engine and hydraulic power unit are mounted on a three-wheel carrier, and power is supplied to the drilling head by hydraulic hoses. Choice of three engines and three drilling handles are available to handle a range of requirements.

One-Man Handle

Standard model has motor which operates at 220 RPM with approximately 140 ft.-lbs of torque. Useful for drilling large diameter holes (9"-12") to 3-4 ft. or smaller diameter holes up to about 10 ft.



Two-Man Handle

For large or deep holes. Standard model operates at 220 RPM/140 ft.-lbs and can be used to drill large diameter holes to 12 ft. or smaller holes up to 20 ft. An optional 150 RPM/225 ft.-lbs high torque handle is also available.


U.S. Domestic Prices

HYD-PS11H-1 With 11 HP Honda with 150rpm one man handle $4,694.00
HYD-PS11H-2 With 11 HP Honda with 150rpm two man handle $4,760.00
HYD-2MHNPT Optional Two-man Handle for Remote Drilling $1,904.00


Mechanical Earth Drills

Mechanical Drill with 8" solid tires



The mechanical earth drills have all of the operating features of the hydraulic drills, but with power supplied to the auger from the engine through a flexible shaft to a 10:1 gear reduction transmission (for 360 RPM operation) mounted on the drilling handle. Several 5 and 8 HP engine options are available. One-man handle only is available and is included in the prices. Engines are mounted on a four wheel carrier with either 8" diameter solid rubber tires, 10" pneumatic tires, or 10" pneumatic tires plus a roll cage.


Engine with 10" pneumatic tires and roll cage


U.S. Domestic Prices

MDL-5H With 5.5 HP Honda with 8" solid tires $2,497.00
MDL-5HR5 With 5.5 HP Honda with 8" solid tires and compact roll cage $2,623.00
MDL-5HP With 5.5 HP Honda with  10" pneumatic tires $2,608.00
MDL-5HPR7 With 5.5 HP Honda with 10" pneumatic tires and roll cage $2,767.00
MDL-8H With 8 HP Honda w/10" pneumatic tires $3,177.00
MDL-8HR7 With 8 HP Honda with 10" pneumatic tires and roll cage $3,320.00
MDL-5B With 5 HP B&S Intek Pro with 8" solid tires $2,221.00
MDL-5BP With 5 HP B&S Intek Pro with 10" pneumatic tires $2,341.00
MDL-5BPR7 With 5 HP B&S Intek Pro with 10" pneumatic tires and roll cage $2,506.00
MDL-8B With 8 HP B&S Intek Pro with 10" pneumatic tires $2,657.00
MDL-8BR7 With 8 HP B&S Intek Pro with 10" pneumatic tires and roll cage $2,835.00

Tripod and Lifting Frame

Designed for drilling to deeper depths than can be achieved through hand operation (up to 30 ft. with 4" auger and extensions). Kit contains tripod, hand winch, pulley block, hook and pull adapter, and slips for 4" auger.

U.S. Domestic Price

LB-TRI	Tripod/Lifting Frame Kit...............................$1,120.00

Augers and Accessories

Little Beaver augers are manufactured from tool steel and have easy snap-on connections. Flighted extensions are available for all but the smallest diameters and straight tube-type (without flights) extensions are available for deeper drilling. Auger points and cutting blades are replaceable for extended auger life. Carbide blades are available for hard pan or frozen ground.

Snap-On Augers


36" Long Augers



42" Long Augers










































































16" (Nursery)







Snap-On Extensions

Diameter 36" Long Extension Price
3" 9054-3X36 $112.25
4" 9054-4X36 $108.50
5" 9054-5X36 $121.00
6" 9054-6X36 $121.00
7" 9054-7X36 $135.50
8" 9054-8X36 $135.50
9" 9054-9X36 $141.00
10" 9054-10X36 $145.75
12" 9054-12X36 $156.25
14" 9054-14X36 $179.00
Tube Extensions (without flights)    
18" long Extension 9054-A $60.25
36" long Extension 9054 $63.25








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