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Fluxgate Magnetometers

Mag-01H Brochure



Bartington Model MAG-01H

The MAG-01H single-axis magnetometer is an enhanced version of the MAG-01, with all of its features plus two sensitivity settings, resolution to 0.1 nT in its highest sensitivity, and offset control. The offset control allows a pre-selected field strength between 90 microT in 10 microT steps to be subtracted from the field experienced by the probe, enabling the greatest sensitivity to be used even in the presence of strong fields.



  MAG-01 MAG-01H
Operating Temp. Range -10 to +50 deg.C -10 to +50 deg.C
Measuring Range 0 to 2mT 0 to 2mT (excluding offset)
Maximum Resolution 1 nT 0.1 nT
Battery 6 v 1.1 amp-hr rechargeable 6 v 1.1 amp-hr rechargeable
Power Supply 110/240 VAC* 110/240 VAC*
Analog Output 2 v full scale 5 v full scale
Dimensions 16cm x 15cm x 6cm 16cm x 17cm x 7cm
Weight 100 g 150 g

*(12vdc vehicle connector)


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Fluxgate probes are available for low field or high field applications in axial or transverse configurations, or probe element for cryogenic applications.. Axial probes are 10mm in diameter by 100mm in length. Transverse probes have a maximum diameter of 37mm. They have an operation temperature range of -30 to +80 deg. C, 0.1% calibration accuracy and 0.02% linearity. The probe element cryogenic probes are suitable for operations at temperatures down to liquid helium and have 1m of 4 x 0.2 mm enameled copper wire connected to the element for use in a cryostat or vacuum chamber.


Probe Configuration Measurement Range
B axial 0-200 microT  
C transverse 0-200 microT
D axial 0-2 mT
E transverse 0-2 mT
F probe element 0-200 micro T
G probe element 0-2 mT



Mag-01H Fluxgate Declinometer/Inclinometer
Mag-0H Dec/Inc Brochure


An instrument used to perform high precision manual measurements of the declination and inclination angles of the geomagnetic field. It consists of a single axis magnetometer with the probe mounted on a precision non-magnetic theodolite.

Reliability and ease of use make this system the ideal choice for magnetic observations and surveying, in both fixed and mobile locations. If required, it can be calibrated against a reference system at a magnetic observatory.

Typical applications: Measurement of the Earth's magnetic field and its components Calibration tool for compass and magnetic ranges Directional drilling in oil and gas exploration.

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