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 Bartington MS2B 36 mm I.D. Sample Sensor



This sensor accepts 10 ml and 20 ml cylindrical bottles, 25.4 mm and 23 mm cubic boxes, 35 mm pots and 25.4 mm cylindrical cores. A mechanism is provided to facilitate the insertion of the sample into the sensor cavity and to ensure it is perfectly centered. This mechanism also permits removal of the sample from the cavity.

Sample bottles and boxes for MS2B

The sensor is used for mass or volume specific susceptibility measurements of standard paleomagnetic samples in studies of rock and mineral magnetism. 

The unique dual frequency facility permits identification of ferrimagnetic grains close to the superparamagnetic stable single domain transition. This information is critical to many aspects of interpretation, for example in studies of weathering and soil formation, fossil soil identification and characterization, and sediment or dust source investigations.

In archaeology, precise measurements with this sensor confirm and enhance the evidence of ancient human occupation and land use obtained with the MS2 field sensors.

Resolution: 2 x 10 -6 SI (2 x 10 -7 CGS) on 0.1 range)
Calibration accuracy: 1 % (10 ml calibration sample provided)
Measurement period: 1.2 seconds on x1 range
12 seconds on x0.1 range
Operating frequency: 0.465 kHz and 4.65 kHz
Enclosure material: ABS
Weight: 0.8 kg
Dimensions: 200 x 110 x 110 mm

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