asclogodrop2.jpg (8279 bytes)   Bartington MS2F Field Surface Probe
This miniature probe is designed to be embedded into soil up to the small shoulder on the sensor tip, and has also been used for the stratigraphic study of exposed geological and archaeological sections.
. The probe can only be operated in conjunction with the MS2 probe handle, which contains additional essential electronics, shown at left.

Area of response: end face and side wall of probe tip
Depth of response: 10% at 6 mm from end face and 4.5 mm from side wall
Measurement period: 0.5 seconds on 1.0 range
5 seconds on x0.1 range
Operating frequency: 0.58 kHz
Drift - at room temperature: <20 x 10 -6 CGS in 20 min.
after 20 min. operation
Enclosure materials: reinforced epoxy
Dimensions: 35 mm dia. x 85 mm length
Weight: 75 g

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