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The MapStar Compass has been recently discontinued by the manufacturer.  Please contact ASC Scientific regarding purchase of discounted demonstrator units.


The MapStar Compass Module is the companion to the Impulse Laser Rangefinder, enabling determination of accurate azimuths, which, with range and inclination from the Impulse, allows rapid and accurate offsets to be determined for GPS or non-GPS mapping applications.

More than just an electronic compass, the Mapstar brings a host of new advances to azimuth measurement. 
Small, lightweight, and rugged.  The MapStar is built to survive in any environment—just like the Impulse. 
Modular design.  The physical layout and data format of the MapStar interface with all Impulse models.  Or, the unit can operate independently when needed. 

Accuracy.   Leading edge controller boards, intelligent processing algorithms, and auto-compensators for field temperature and pitch/roll, enable the Mapstar CM to achieve world leading performance in azimuth accuracy. 

Calibration.   Simple field procedures allow you to calibrate on site, effectively adapting to changing magnetic environments. 
Integration.  MapStar is designed to work seamlessly with data collectors, GPS equipment, and other mapping hardware/software solutions.  Accessories such as GPS antenna mounts, cable management, and carry packs make the Mapstar as ergonomically friendly as it is functional. 


MapStar CM 

Size:  31 x 5 x 3 cm (12 x 2 x 1 in.) 
Weight: 570 g (1.25 lb.) 
Construction: Extruded Aluminum 

Type:  Electronic Fluxgate 
Accuracy: + 0.3 degrees 
Repeatability: + 0.1 degrees 
Resolution: 0.1 degrees 

Type:  RS232 
Format: NEMA 0183 

Keypad: 6 multi-function keys 
LCD Display: 4 digits with graphic indicators 
Warnings: Audible and Visual 

Temperature: -30 to +50 C (-22 to 122 F) 
Sealing:  Waterproof to NEMA 6, IP67 

For additional information and pricing please contact Jon Gipson at or telephone (800) 272-4327.

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