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Bartington Susceptibility/Temperature System




This system is designed for the measurement of the magnetic susceptibility of 2.5ml samples over the temperature range -200°C to +900°C. It is used in the investigation of magnetic mineralogy and grain size and for the determination of Curie transition temperatures.

The components of the system are:

    MS2 Meter

    MS2W - Water cooled sensor with integral electronics and excellent temperature stability.

    MS2WF - Furnace for high temperature measurements. Low temperature measurements can be obtained by cooling the specimen in liquid nitrogen and taking measurements during return to the ambient temperature.

    MS2WFP - Power supply for the furnace with RS232 serial interface for computer output.

    GEOLABSOFT - Software collects and plots susceptibility values over the temperature range of interest.


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Meter Model MS2

Display -
x1 range
x0.1 range


Display exponent -
volume specific
mass specific

10^-6 CGS or 10^-5 SI
10^-6 CGS or 10^-8 SI

Temperature range
-10°C to +40°C
rechargeable Nickel/Cadmium
RS232 interface
baud rate 1200
255 x 158 x 50mm
high impact ABS
Instrument stand
Mains adaptor/battery charger - 220V or 110V as requested

Sensor Type MS2W

This water jacketed sensor with integral electronics has a 30mm diameter sample cavity. It can be used in conjunction with the MS2 meter and a non-magnetic type T thermocouple (Cu/Cu-Ni) for measurements on 10 ml cylindrical samples over the temperature range -200°C to room temperature.

When used in conjunction with MS2WF furnace, type S (Pt/Pt-Rh) thermocouple and MS2WFP power supply, measurements can be made on 2.5ml cylindrical samples from room temperature to +900°C.

A water jacket thermally isolates the electronics from the sample cavity. Measurement sensitivity is 1 x 10^-6 CGS for a 10ml sample; this is reduced by a factor of 4 for a 2.5ml sample.

Calibration accuracy
1% (calibrated for 10ml sample)
Drift during measurement
<2 x 10^-6 CGS/hour with 2 litre/minute water flow
Operating frequency
Measurement period
1.9 seconds on 1.0 range
19 seconds on 0.1 range
External dimensions
255 x 100 x 65mm
Internal diameter

Furnace Type MS2WF

This furnace is installed inside the cavity of the water jacketed sensor to enable samples to be measured at temperatures to 900°C. The non-inductively wound platinum heating element on a quartz cylinder ensures uniform heating of the sample and insulation reduces the maximum external temperature to around 100°C.

A digital panel meter installed in the base of the furnace displays the sample temperature to a resolution of 1°C when supplied with a signal from the Type S (Pt/Pt-Rh) or Type T (Cu/Cu-Ni) thermocouple. The sample temperature is also available in the form of an analog signal.

A retort stand is provided for easy mounting of the MS2W sensor.


Overall dimensions
350 x 235 x 135mm
Heating cavity
17mm internal diameter x 15mm useable height
Quartz vial
12mm internal diameter

Power Supply Type MS2WFP


This unit supplies power to the furnace type MS2WF ensuring highly reproducible sample heating. The sample temperature can be increased or decreased with a linear ramp or maintained at its present level, using manual controls.

317 x 210 x 165mm

Geolabsoft - PC compatible software

This package collects data and plots a graph of susceptibility versus temperature whilst measurements are being taken. It includes a facility for automatic drift correction of data at the end of a measurement sequence.

Data are stored on disc for later examination and can be printed in a graphical or tabular format. For detailed examination, the user can "zoom" in on a particular area of the graph. The software is supplied on a 3½" disc.



Please contact ASC Scientific for a current US Dollar Price List.

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