Pomeroy EZ Core D261-C Drill


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The Pomeroy Model D261-C gasoline powered drill is designed for paleomagnetic, geochemical and other sampling. This drill is lightweight, reliable and features a unique bit fastening system that holds bare-shank bits (without collets) straight and true without the use of tools.

The D261-C utilizes a powerful 50 cc motor and weighs just 10 lbs  and features  omni-directional fuel pick-up for running at any angle.

The front end drilling adapter features heavy duty sealed bearings and the exclusive easy operating bit fastener. The fastener will accommodate bits with a tube diameter from 1.080″ to 1.125″. The adapter is anodized high-tensile aluminum alloy.  A quick- release hose fitting and needle valve are mounted on the bearing case for rapid attachment and control of the water cooling line.

Additional Components Sold Separately Include:

Pomeroy Orienting Fixture Precision orienting fixture is used to measure the azimuth and dip of in-place cores

ASC Orienting Fixture Simple, rugged fixture is designed for rapid orientation of in-place 1″ (nominal) cores

Model M-12 3-gallon manually pressurized water pump can. It includes an 8 ft. hose and one 10 ft. extension fitted with quick-release connectors.

Pomeroy BSS-1E 1″ ID Diamond Core Drill Bits

Hoffman Drill Bits 1″ ID Diamond Core Drill Bits

Model CCT-200 Hard Shell Case which can hold  Drill, Pump Can, Drill Bits, Orienter and Brunton Compass

Additional information

Weight 16 lbs
Dimensions 17 × 13.5 × 11 in

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