Breithaupt Geological Compasses

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ASC Scientific is the authorized North American dealer for Breithaupt geological compasses.  We carry all Breithaupt branded geological compasses including the COCLA Professional Stratrum Compass, the GEBRU Universal Pocket Transit, the GEKOM N Pro Stratum Compass and the GEKOM Pro Stratum Compass.

Breithaupt Kassel was founded in 1762 in Germany and has been headed under the Breithaupt family name for 8 generations. This long span within the business has resulted in Breithaupt Kassel developing many exemplary achievements which have since become industry standards in the fields of mining, surveying, forestry and geology. Within the company, an operation and code of ethics results in strict production inspections after each manufacturing operation guarantee a consistently high standard of quality in accordance with international regulations. Ensuring that you will receive only the best instrument, nothing less. Within this section you will be able to view a moderate range of Breithaupt Kassel which we offer, most suitable for geological and surveying use, but have uses outside of these industries as well.