Compasses & Clinometers

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ASC Scientific has a large selection of compasses and clinometers that are perfect for geological field research, mapping, or surveying. Our inventory includes models from industry leading manufacturers, such as Brunton, Suunto, Freiberger, Breithaupt, and Silva.

Our collection consists of  a wide variety of compasses, from pocket transits like the Brunton Geo Transit and the Breithaupt 3032 GEBRU Universal Pocket Transit, to more affordable handheld compasses like the Silva Ranger 2.0 Compass and the Brunton TruArc 15 Compass.

At ASC, we carry both digital clinometers like the SMARTTOOL Digital Clinometer and analog models like the Brunton Omni-Slope Clinometer. In addition, we carry the Suunto Tandem Compass/Clinometer, which combines both instruments into a single compact piece of equipment.