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Excellent sample bags for soil, rock, and biological samples.  Whirl-Pak® polyethylene sample bags are strong, sterile, and leakproof. These 2.25 mil polyethylene sample bags are designed to carry solids or liquids to a laboratory for testing. All bags feature PUNCTURE PROOF TABS, which means the tape on the tab extends past the ends of the wire covering the sharp points. This protects the user’s hands and gloves, as well as the bag, from puncture. The bags are sterilized with ethylene oxide gas, so each bag is completely bacteria free. Use the bags once, and then dispose of them. They are economical, easy to use, and with 500 in a box, take up very little space. Unlike glass bottles, they are unbreakable, which means easier handling for laboratory technicians. To close, simply whirl the bag three or more times and bend the tabs onto the bag. No need to keep track of covers, the bags can be opened and closed as often as necessary.  Available in boxes of 500.

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4 oz, 3" x 7", 18 oz, 4-1/2" x 9"

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