Bausch + Lomb Watchmaker’s Loupes


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The Bausch + Lomb Watchmaker’s Loupes are small magnifying lenses held right up to the eye to bring small details into focus. These jewelers eye loupes have lightweight and soft, non-glare surfaces. The single lens is ground and carefully polished from top quality glass.  Also known as watchmaker’s loupes, dental loupes and pocket loupes, these magnifying glasses are commonly used for close jewelry inspection, watchmaking, dentistry, photography, printing, and for detailed scientific research. Offered in 4X, 5X, 7X and 10X magnification.

Magnification Lens Diameter Diopter Focal Distance B+L Part # ASC Part #
4X 25.4 mm 16D 2.5”, 6.4 cm 814173 BL-814173
5X 25.4 mm 20D 2”, 5.1 cm 814172 BL-814172
7X 25.4 mm 28D 1.4”, 3.5 cm 814171 BL-814171
10X 25.4 mm 40D 1.1”, 2.8 cm 814170 BL-814170

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4X, 5X, 7X, 10X