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You don’t need an internet connection to have the piece of mind of information at your fingertips. As experts in the field of observation and navigation, Brunton offers this lightweight and durable eight page reference set that can help you better explore the backcountry.

This set was created to be used with any map and compass and also stows neatly in the rubber foot of the TruArc20 (not included). They contain essential references and tips and techniques for efficient and safe wilderness travel.  Our cards can help you calculate and determine distance and location on a variety of topo maps and will give you many of the basic tools and concepts that can help you make better decisions in the backcountry.

Compact, lightweight, and weatherproof, this set of Quick Reference Navigation Cards from Brunton will help you navigate and explore the backcountry. Each 3.7 x 2.5 x 0.1″ card includes tricks and techniques for map reading, determining locations, and calculating distances, along with survival skills such as hydration and knot-tying. The cards work with metric and Imperial map scales and can be used with any map and compass. The set is designed to stow neatly in the rubber foot of the Brunton TruArc20 compass.


  • Map Slope Indicator Scale (works with both metric and standard map scales)
  • How to orient a map to true north
  • Taking a map bearing
  • Sighting a field bearing
  • Travel a compass bearing
  • Triangulating a location
  • How to use Romer Scales
  • Suggestions when you are lost
  • Water tips
  • Common knots
  • Calculating hike times
  • Metric and Standard Topo Buddy scale cards

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Dimensions 3.5 × 3 × 0.07 in

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