Mayhew Hardcap Cold Chisels


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Hard Cap Chisels have a large striking disk fixed to the end of a cushioned grip that reduces shock, noise and detached metal fragments. The cap also reduces hammer kickback and trauma to the wrist and elbow.

Available Sizes:

Mayhew Part Number ASC Scientific Part Number Size
66104 M-66104 7” L x 1/2” W
66122 M-66122 11” L x  3/4” W
66124 M-66124 11” L x  1” W

Additional information

Weight N/A
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7" L x 1/2" W, 8" L x 3/4" W, 8-1/2" L x 7/8" W, 11" L x 3/4" W, 11" L x 1" W

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