Mayhew Pro Cold Chisels


U.S. Domestic Prices


Mayhew Pro Cold Chisels are specially angled for strength and available in a black oxide finish to deter rust. Many lengths and sizes are offered to fit any application. All cold chisels are made in the USA.

Available Sizes:

Mayhew Part Number ASC Scientific Part Number Size
10206 M-10206 9” L X 1/2″ W
10207 M-10207 12” L X 1/2″ W
10213 M-10213 12” L X 3/4″ W
10221 M-10221 12” L X 1” W
10222 M-10222 18” L X 1” W

Additional information

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9" L x 1/2" W, 12" L x 1/2" W, 12" L x 3/4" W, 12" L x 1" W, 18" L x 1" W

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