AMS 3/4″ Thread Auger Extensions


U.S. Domestic Prices


AMS 3/4″ threaded connections use standard, national course, threads and are made of powder-coated chromoly or chromoly steel. The 3/4″ extensions fit the new Professional Series line of augers and samplers and are available in 1′, 2′, 3′, 4′ & 5′ lengths.

Please make sure any AMS samplers you intend to use together share a common connection type. Click here for information on the AMS connection types.


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1 ft – Chromoly Steel, 2 ft – Chromoly Steel, 3 ft – Chromoly Steel, 4 ft – Chromoly Steel, 5 ft – Chromoly Steel, 3 ft – Powder Coated Chromoly, 4 ft – Powder Coated Chromoly

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