Model Z Professional Sampling Kit


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Model Z deluxe combination auger and tube sampling kit contain the following:


1 each #120 Brace 1 each 12″ Handle 3 each 12″ Extensions
1 each 15″ Tube 1 each S-1 Tip 1 each S-2 Tip
1 each S-3 Tip 1 each S-4 Tip 1 each 12″ Carbide Tipped Auger
1 each Collar 1 each. Tip Wrench 2 each Flat Wrenches
1 each Regular Footjack 1 each Heavy Duty Footjack 1 each Cleaning Brush


All items housed in a convenient briefcase-style carrying case.

The Oakfield line of soil sampling equipment has been used by professionals in agriculture, geology, environmental and other soil studies for nearly 50 years. Oakfield provides quality products and outstanding customer service. Customers include government agencies, universities and growers, to name a few. Oakfield tools feature interchangeable parts and the ability to use both sampling tubes and augers with a single system. Oakfield Soil Samplers, made with multi chrome-plated steel to resist abrasive, are built for hard use under all conditions and in all types of soils. Each part is precision machined and constructed to be completely adaptable in a combination of units.

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Dimensions 18 × 14 × 6 in

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